Ulla Kokki (b. 1992 in Savonlinna) is a photographer who lives and works in Helsinki. In addition to photography, Kokki works with collages and text. She graduated with an MA in photography from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2020, having graduated from the Arts Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2015.  

Ulla Kokki has held several residencies, including on the islands of Örö and Källskär and Postbacken in Porvoo. Kokki’s works have been exhibited at several venues, including at the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, the Photographic Centre Nykyaika, the Rauma Art Museum, the Keuruu Museum and Gallery Postbacken. One of her works can also be found in the Finnish State Art Commission collection. Ulla Kokki’s first book of photographs, “The weekend shall be warm and sunny”, will be published in spring 2023. 



Exhibited at Taidehalli 22.4.-28.5.2023


The weekend shall be warm and sunny
Photorgaphy series 10 x 15 cm – 60 x 90 cm, ed. 6 + 2AP

“The weekend shall be warm and sunny” is a series of photographs that resulted from taking a particularly close look at everything that is around and close to us. The visual world of the works is intertwined with daily life: its quiet layers and subtlety, which can sometimes look like nothing. The series features hands, hairs, plants, feet, paws – touching and observing. The images are clues to a life lived, but this life does not refer to any specific, identifiable person, time or place. The series explores the potential of a moment and a look, as well as all the things that make up the reasons to live, do and be. The oldest photos in the series date from 2014, while the photographs in the Nuoret 2023 (Young Artists) exhibition are from 2021–2023.

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images -  Ulla Kokki 1. My Existence (2021) 2. Cosmos (2021) 3. Companion Piece (2022)