Timo Andersson

Timo Andersson (b. 1989) is an artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and currently focuses mainly on painting. His works are highly material painting objects, through which he deals with questions of gesture, presentation and spatial communication outside the established categories and unambiguous interpretations. Their colourful and soft polypropylene frames hide porous worlds that are filled with nervous information that never fully settles down.  


Exhibited at Gallery Hippolyte 5.5.-28.5.2023


A series of Paintings

Andersson will be making a series of new works for the Nuoret 2023 (Young Artists) exhibition, in which the micro organic form is combined with reflections of the tradition of modernist landscapes and still lifes. Essentially, they are kaleidoscopic studies of Andersson’s own gesture language.

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork image - Timo Andersson