Sadet Hirsimäki (b.1993) works with pictures, painting and poetry. They also have a curatorial practice and experience in many kinds of collaborations such as a variety of group exhibition projects, working with Ante Nouveau Art Magazine and different art event organizing, recent biggest project Hunajanjyvä, where they shared the position of artistic director with their colleague. Their works have been recently presented in Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and in art galleries in Helsinki, but it is important for them to act all the time outside institutions and take part in art practices that are shown outside galleries and museums. They will participate in the Nuoret 2023 (Young Artists) exhibition by the The Finnish Artists’ Association and a group exhibition in MAA-tila in April 2023, and a group show in Madrid in October 2023. Their collaborative piece with colleague will be published in TUO TUO artist residency’s website at the end of the year. Hirsimäki has studied in the Master programme of Visual Cultures, and Curating in Contemporary Art (ViCCA), in Aalto University.


Exhibited at Gallery G 26.4.-21.5.2023


Rape Kiddo!  

Bed painting

They’re teaching me something, giving me reasons to not trust everything I see. They’re whispering secrets into my ear, secrets saying that someone decided to be born at such and such a time, and this happened afterwards, and no one remembered anything, not this when the awakening took place, when someone tried to control the things that were wrong, when you lied about your name online.  
Paintings on the bed. A third of my life, and I’m making it visible. Regressions, relics, even omens, not only of this life, but also of elsewhere, previous ones, predecessors and predictable, fearful encounters, situations.   
Lousy things, portals to the past, to former loaded islands of incomprehensible emotions.  
I look inside and get absorbed, absorbed, absorbed
They shape me, telling me what went on before.   
These are the things I’m dealing with amidst of everything, using my pen.   


Razors Please  

Bed painting

Bird-like creatures arise from somewhere between hunches and visions that get mixed: a cool breeze sweeps through me as I hold a pen or a brush in my hands. The strength within me is screaming, silver is pouring out from under me.

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
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