Les aléas jactent et les dés sont jetés, 

Me cago en la leche, qui était dedans. 

You see the wall from behind. 

"A man with missing fingers plays a strange guitar",

Varvas varas, 

The tale is stolen


Without more thoughts on the nacelle,

To whom salvation,  once was bound.

At me, wide staring, eyes of belle,

From whom I will carry the shroud.


It rains



At least I hope

For the cycle of things.

En tiedä

Onks joku täällä?


Vain sinä.

Ja jonkinlainen vanhan tyypin.

Sä pelkäät nyt ja lähdet.

Now he is the last in line.


TW: suicide

Voit olla varma

En voi

Mitä tapahtuu?

En tiedä.

Olemme elsossa, vai mitä?

Nothing else.

Nothing else matter.

We all gonna die.

Hence, I want to live.

Ma tuntuu mä tiedan. Mä toivon olen väärin. Jos mä kuolen, olen kuollut. Ja se loppu.

Jos mä elään. En tiedä mitä voisi tapahtua.

That's partly why I don't kill myself.


Vain tuntuu

En mä tieda.

Jos sull on eri mieli

Se on ihän ok.

Voime elää yhdestän.

We don't have to agree to be together.


Neither one, nor twO.

Neither me, nor yoU.

Neither Id, nor egO.


Neither bad, nor gooD

Neither face, nor hooD

Neither past, present, or to to be sO


To the past It's straight standing framE

Is how time sees It's slanting shadoW.


Exhibited at MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre 6.5.-28.5.2023


“Video” works: I use my body and mind, or more specifically the link between both, as main raw material and a field for experimentations. We can observe three categories: 

●Type 1 The ongoing skill gaining experiences: Whether it is toe personality/ violin/ flexibility/ ballet shoes… How expectedly /unexpectedly a skill or a range of skills is developed and the journey through it. I pull a thread with no clue on where it will lead. 

● Type 2 The event-related stories: Gender reassignment, egg donation, merman adventures... Heading towards a short movie format. 

● Type 3: A performance space where I dance/sing/play/tell stories. There, I reinvest the skills from type 1.Heading towards a musical theater format.

Plastic works: Installations : mixture between heroic fantasy stories taking place in a dystopian future or invented worlds as well as a cathartic space to express emotions around average and difference. With one main common ground: the use of material mostly from trash.


Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images - Johanna Naukkarinen