Pilvi Hyväri (b. 1992, Tornio) is an artist who has recently moved to Tampere. She has worked with various media such as moving images, installations, sound, performance art and drawing. Hyväri often approaches societal topics through personal experiences in her works, and uses art-making as a tool for activism in issues such as animal rights. Over the past few years Hyväri has mainly focused on drawing comics, and she is currently working on her first comic book novel with the support of the Kone Foundation. 

Hyväri achieved a bachelor’s degree in time and space arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2018 and her master’s degree in 2020. 


Performances at Taidehalli 13.5. & 20.5.


Lihan himot —miksi tanssiminen on syntiä?
(‘The desires of the flesh — Why is dancing a sin?’)

Lecture performance 00:45:00

I wish there was an aerobics class in which they played marching music,” I thought as a teenager, when aerobics was becoming trendy in Tornio, since it was not permitted – if you were religious – to join in a class in which people moved to the rhythm of sinful music. Or would it have been wrong to move to marching music, too, as it was a bit like dancing anyway? 

Lihan himot —miksi tanssiminen on syntiä? (‘The desires of the flesh — Why is dancing a sin?’) is Pilvi Hyväri’s lecture performance about Conservative Laestadianism and its view on dancing. Since the beginning of the Laestadianism revival movement in the mid-19th century, dancing has been considered a sin. But why?

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images - ‘The desires of the flesh — Why is dancing a sin?’, 2023, Pilvi Hyväri, photos: Usva Torkki