Karoliina Korvuo, who studied at the department of time and space arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and at Kankaanpää Art School, is interested in the performative nature of artmaking and working. Korvuo developed a working method based on meditation in 2016-2021, which focused on studying social impact, the interfaces between individuals and the community, and the concept of work. In 2023, Korvuo will continue to change jobs from being an artist and to work on the professional role of a security officer, which they started when they were studying for their master’s degree in visual arts. 



Exhibited at Taidehalli’s Video Screenings 13.5. at 5 pm & 17.5. at 6 pm


Meditations on the Police
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Meditations on the Police is Karoliina Korvuo’s final year project for her Master of Fine Arts degree from spring 2022. It deals with the relationship of the graduating artist to the uncertainties of their profession through the work of a police officer, which is seen as the opposite of making art. What could it mean to change jobs from being an artist who questions norms and laws to becoming a police officer, whose job it is to maintain law and order? What are the images and texts that the perception of a job or profession is based on? And do images of professionals from different fields primarily benefit those who don’t know anything about a particular job or those who already do?

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Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
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