My work is characterised by intuition and combining and experimenting with different media, which results in multi-sensory alternative worlds. I study queer feminism and minority stress through occultism, the connection with nature and the creation of mythical worlds. My art is very much inspired by the study of Finnish and Karelian mythology. My work is characterised by its performative nature, physicality and strong connection to traditions of crafting. I like conventional methods of textile work because slow, manual work calms down my overactive mind. I also like the fact that everything I do and feel is transferred to every structure and form.  

In my works, I only use recycled materials that I’ve personally collected from charity shops. Restricting the type of materials that I use is both liberating and challenging, but it always adds an interesting element to my works. Every material has already had a life, and each has its own personal character and history.  


Exhibited at Taidehalli 22.4.-28.5.2023


textile sculpture, 150x50x50 cm

In Nuoret 2023 The worrier carries a fiery cosmos in her womb, burnt snake poison and cradles of fire. Blood and dirt are flowing in the whirlpools of the rivers. Her feet are the roots of the world tree, which hold up the sky, digging snake holes in the earth and the sky with her toes. Her hair forms bridges over the river of the dead. She rocks them back and forth between life and death like a cradle.   

The worrier eats her flames and they descend back into her womb, where they splash in blood and bridle each other’s burning locks, dancing on the dome of the sky.   

The work was crocheted and felted by hand from recycled materials.

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images -  Caretaker, 2023, textile sculpture, Julia Strandman, photos: Veera Rajamo