I’m a graphic designer, and I work in animation and illustration.

My artistic practice is guided by a curious examination of personal matters and difficult experiences as well as escapism by immersion in fantasy and the dream-like character of nature. I reflect on how emotions and experiences show in people and how different environments control the way people handle psychological trauma. 

My animations are visually captivating and complex. They are universal narratives about sexuality, sex and relationships. The characters are often presented in moments of emotion through dark fantasy.

I allow plenty of time to analyse the processes of the mind and the environment and to plan the moods and worlds in my works in great detail, because they encapsulate the significance of my artistic expression. My starting point is to make shared and hidden experiences visible in the form of approachable works that viewers can relate to.  

Exhibited at Taidehalli’s Video Screenings 13.5. at 5 pm & 17.5. at 6 pm  


Forget About
frame by frame -animation 00:02:00

The Forget About animation examines sexual control, the suppressive nature of intimacy and sex in a toxic environment. 

You let the warm lake water melt you like sugar in liquid. Ecstatic, you dive deeper towards the bottom. Long algae get entangled in your hair and wrists. It twists and turns into a tight net, you can’t move without its permission. Your head sinks into the slimy algae. The muck penetrates your mouth, ears and nostrils. You can only taste iron and sludge in the darkness. As your body relaxes, your fragments break apart like blue tack, sinking into the dark mud. Your experience of yourself becomes encapsulated at the bottom of the lake.


Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images -  Heinä Loukimo