Emilia Tanner (b.1990) is an artist working and living in Helsinki. In her work Tanner often uses paper as a raw material to explore ideas of time, temporality and perception. She approaches paper as a three-dimensional material that can be sculpted, transformed, manipulated and altered. Actions of repetitions and manipulations of the paper bring forth an intense desire to scratch the surface of what lies in front of us and discover something new. Recently she has been focusing on installations and working with light.

Tanner received her MFA in printmaking from The Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. Her work has been exhibited in Finland and internationally. Tanner’s works have been on display in group exhibitions at Galerie Anhava (2022), Forum Box Gallery (2020), Jyväskylä Art Museum (2019) and most recently she had a solo exhibition at Galleria Sinne (2022). Tanner has been awarded with The Young Artist Award from Finnish Art Society (2020) and was one of the nominees for the Queen Sonja Print Award in 2020.


Exhibited at Taidehalli 22.4.-28.5.2023


hand made holes on paper 3m x 8m

Light Drawings 1
laser etching on paper, kehys, 34cm x 40cm

Light Drawings 2
laser etching on paper, kehys, 34cm x 40cm

My work shown at Nuoret 2023 consists of perforated paper, where every hole has been punched by hand with a bookbinding needle. I am interested in how something simple as making a hole can change the whole essence of the paper. By taking something away, I add something. Holes are empty space, nothing, yet they are an important and a defining part that make the work. I am fascinated by the fine nuances in the sequence of holes and the patterns appearing on the paper. Even by repeating the same action of punching hole after hole the holes never look exactly the same.

Countless small holes, units, form a chain in which time is compressed. The idea of the micro- and macrocosm is present in the work. Similarly to when something observed from very close might resemble something very far away. What we see changes from microscopic to astronomic and back again.

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images - Emilia Tanner