Anna Anundi (b. 1990, they/them, the Academy of Fine Arts 2021–) currently works mainly in painting and performance art. There are tumultuous relationships of experience and sensation to be spun, which undulate, foam and weep. In the flow of the fluid’s wandering essence, Anundi dreams of reorganising hierarchical and destructive practices. They see vulnerability, compassion, and non-violent love as a rebellious force for change.


 Exhibited at Gallery Sculptor 28.4.-21.5.2023



installation, painting, performance

Abbracciati (Embrace yourself) has a hint of gentleness. It’s caring. It makes a suggestion on a future reality and reminds us of its different levels, the reflections. It is curious and full of questions. It admits its mistake and apologises. It sheds its skin and is given a second chance. It recognises sensitivity and forgets cynicism. It obscures boundaries and makes connections with satin ribbons. Layers of pain and great tears are released in its embrace as one dares to say goodbye.

Image Credits: 
Artist’s portrait - Patrik Rastenberger
Artwork images - Abbracciati, 2022-2023, installation, painting, performance, Anna Anundi